Bond Calculator

Bond Calculator is a tool testing bond combinations by adding cards as a team.

Bond Calculator
Bond Calculator with a Working Team

There are 3 sections in this page.

Team Cards

In part 1, you see a set of card icons, this is your team.

By clicking the [X] button in part 2, you can remove this card from the team.

By clicking the [+] button in part 3, you can add a card to this team, read more about adding cards.

In part 4, you see a basic status of current team.

In this image, you see a the position stats is in GREEN, which means the cards combination meet a set of very basic requirements:

  • 1 GK, required
  • 3 or more DF
  • 1 or more DMF
  • 1 or more OMF
  • 1 or more FW
  • No duplicated characters

The position count, take the FW as example, could be format like 3 or 3~6. If you see 3, it means you have 3 FW cards, all of them have only ONE position. If you see 3~6, you have 6 cards with FW position, 3 of them has only ONE position which is FW.

If any card of your team can’t be put on a right position, the text would be in RED.

A list of working formations is placed next to position count. This only shows when you have a GREEN position count.

A button, “Team Buff”, is placed next to formation list, click this button, you can see a dialog with list of working team buff and cards.

Bond List

This is a list of bond effects.

Cards “5” under Matched Cards matches the effect’s trigger condition. Click the [+] button “1“, a filtered add card dialog will popup, with all cards may trigger this effect. Click the button “2“, a new page with all playable cards will be open, you can find more there. Buttons “1” and “2” will disappear if the effect is activated or has more cards than it requires.

“3” indicates if this effect is activated. “4” is the card who has this bond effect.

Bond Stats

You can see a stats of activated Bond, like total buff, total debuff, probabilities of auto-intercept or auto-block.

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