Recommended Characters for Cards

Recommended Characters

For many cards, their main skills requires other cards to activate, like most One-Two or combination shots. Such skills require all characters appear in your team.

Also, for many cards, they have passive effects / hidden abilities with Combinations or Character Links. Combinations require all characters appear in your team to activate, while Character Links need 0 or more.

There are still many passive effects, like Hotline(hotline for skills) and Inspire(inspire for skills), may also helps if you have certain cards in your team.

For the card in the image above, if you have either Jito or Kazuo, or both Jito and Kazuo in your team, you can activate different skills/effects. Try the card:

You can also try cards in this combination effect, like the Sorimachi, he has two different combination of recommened cards, one for One-Two, the other for Passive.

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